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    On Wednesday, Apple issued an update for two of their popular applications in the App Store – the AirPort Utility application for configuring an AirPort Wireless Station, and the Apple Store application for searching through Apple’s product lineup.

    Both of the updates have one major thing in common – compatibility with iOS 7, and a beautiful new iOS 7-inspired interface, which takes the flatter appearance, more vibrant colors, and transparency into consideration.

    The Apple Store application has received a new flatter icon for iOS 7, which should help it blend into the home screen better. The AirPort Utility icon looks the same for the most part, apart from being flattened a bit.

    Existing users of either of these applications will find the updates in the App Store under the Updates tab. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of the AirPort Utility application from this App Store link for free, or the latest version of the Apple Store application from the App Store from this App Store link for free.

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    2013-09-18 09:07 PM
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    The Apple Store doesn't look that different to me
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