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    Some of you need to get a grip on reality. JBers account for about 2-3% of all iDevices sold. Why would apple put so much time and effort into such a small group. You people act like 80% of devices are JBroken and apple is constantly having teams of personnel figure out ways to stop us. It would be very easy to stop us, as we are not that secretive of a group.

    Get real folks!
    I thought that's exactly what they do with each update. Patch the security exploits that jail breakers use...
    2013-09-21 11:33 PM
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    so what's with the gimmicky fingerprint scanner? wasn't it supposed to offer more security?
    Gimmicky, yes. Functional, even more so. Added security? No, and not once did they claim it would offer more security. It's another way of keeping your phone safe and accessing your phone and making App Store purchases. If the finger print scanner does not work properly or can't read your fingerprints it still defaults to the basic numeric passcode. If it didn't and it malfunctioned (as all electronics are very capable of doing no matter who makes them) then you'd have no way to access your phone at all.

    That being said the iTouch scanner is ridiculously fast and I would be annoyed not having it anymore. It adds the security of the passcode with the ability to unlock your phone faster than an older iPhone without a passcode.

    Read up a little bit and do some homework before mouthing off...it makes you come off not as intelligent as I would like to hope you are.
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    2013-09-21 11:42 PM
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    I never let my phone out of my possession so I am not worried about these types of exploits.
    2013-09-22 02:43 AM
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    Either this is only an issue on older phones or already fixed with 7.01 because I tried it multiple time so n my 5S with no luck at all. I hammered away for well over a minute. Nothing.

    so what's with the gimmicky fingerprint scanner? wasn't it supposed to offer more security?
    Do you enjoy being the resident FanDroid troll? It's kinda like having a ModMyi village idiot. I mean seriously you must have like no life of your own. I really feel sorry for you.
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    2013-09-22 04:06 AM
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    Everyone should call that guys number...
    2013-09-22 06:44 AM
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    I thought that's exactly what they do with each update. Patch the security exploits that jail breakers use...
    Well their not stupid, if you are going to advertise an exploit, you can bet they are going to patch it.

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2013-09-22 07:23 AM
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    Try Siri on the lock screen it's easier.
    2013-09-22 08:31 AM
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    Try Siri on the lock screen it's easier.
    That is so smart and so simple... Try that out I will...
    2013-09-22 10:11 AM
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    There's no option to reject an incoming call on iOS7. I
    2013-09-22 10:32 AM
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    The only reason all these bugs exist now that didn't during the betas are because apple purposefully put them in. The want to see if people will push a jailbreak and then right after patch it with the working iOS 7. I have a hundred bugs that I never had on iOS 7 betas. They are just a bunch of d******** if you ask me. They wouldn't be around if it weren't for the jailbreak community and they just keep trying to push it away. They are r*******.
    Get a grip on reality, Jailbreakers aren't that important. There sales probably don't even amount to a rounding error. Mainly since most Jainbreakers would still by a iOS product even if it could not be jailbroken.
    2013-09-22 07:17 PM
  11. ThatOneProfile's Avatar
    so what's with the gimmicky fingerprint scanner? wasn't it supposed to offer more security?
    A $365 million gimmick? That's how much apple paid for AuthenTec alone.
    2013-09-22 10:26 PM
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    iOS 7 seems to be full of bugs, Apple need to beta test longer

    There are already comps going to see who can crack the fingerprint scanner first

    Look Here

    Edit: A hacker is already claiming to have done it
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    privacy isn't about having something to hide, another view here

    look here all grammar police, indulge me.
    2013-09-23 04:36 PM
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    Really? Its bug and security issue that can be used to steal your info, think before you answer / post
    I don't count making a phone call as someone stealing my info. If that were the case then I guess I shouldn't ever let any family or friends use my house phone.
    2013-09-23 07:29 PM
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    Right you live in a world ( like a boy in a bubble) where phones are never stolen, hackers never go online and find ways to steal your info........your phones are never on the net?
    A vulnerability means there maybe a way to hack the phone to get that info........................ No disrespect intended, I use my phone on the net and yes I accept the security issue.....but Apple should test these newer versions better, if a baby or a cat can open a phone with a device intended for one person only like a fingerprint recognition then there is a severe lack of testing going on, these engineers get paid lots of money to think of a simple thing like a kid, baby playing with a phone and buying a $200 app on Itunes because of bug in the lock.

    Its embarrassing that I really like the Iphone because I think it works well to read that the finger print lock does not work right, even a Cat can open it..........................I will admit its a major flaw, it would be better if we all would
    Where are you getting these vulnerabilities from? Having the finger print scanner has absolutely nothing to do with a net based security vulnerability. If you think that a cat opening the 5s is a flaw when it was specifically programmed to the cats paw then your are more naive then I thought. I could use my **** to unlock it if I used it to program it but I don't think it would be publicly acceptable for me to whip it out each time I unlock it. The scanner is just looking for a unique pattern. The phone emergency call vulnerability that this tread talks about is not going to give up any info besides your phone number.
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    2013-09-23 09:29 PM
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