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    On Wednesday, IDC published its latest China Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker for Q2 of 2013.

    China’s total mobile phone shipments reached 110 million in Q2. Smartphone shipments in particular hit 86 million, growing by 10% on a quarterly basis.

    The growth, which is expected to continue throughout 2014 at a breakneck pace, will benefit Apple vastly.

    According to IDC's projections, Apple's iPhone 5C as well as the company's agreement with China Mobile, will help Apple effectively double its iPhone market share in China within one year.

    “The smartphone market has maintained a two-digit quarter-on-quarter growth rate in Q2 due to two reasons," says Antonio Wang of IDC China. "First, the substantial shipments of low-end smartphones at a unit price of less than RMB 800 that support China Mobile’s 3G network. Second, the shipments prepared by mobile phone vendors to meet the market demands of students during the summer vacation.”

    "The sharp increase in shipments of low-end China Mobile smartphones has driven the growth of Lenovo and Coolpad. On a separate note, affected by the sluggish sales of iPhone 5, Apple’s market share has declined dramatically, but its performance is expected to remarkably improve with the launch of the new iPhone,” added James Yan, Senior Analyst for China Mobile Phone Market at IDC China.

    Source: IDC
    2013-09-25 09:24 PM