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    In a recent bid to make the ballpark experience more engaging for fans, the Major League Baseball (MLB) plans to roll out Apple’s new iBeacons technology to deliver targeted information and offers based on a fan’s location within the park according to a new report. MLB has been rumored to be working with Apple on the concept since February, months before iBeacons were revealed to the public at June’s Worldwide Developers Conference according to a report from Mashable.

    The technology was demonstrated at New York Mets’ Citi Field recently, where MLB showed off several potential applications. Fans who purchase their tickets from MLB could have the tickets’ barcode automatically displayed on their device as they approach the gate, for example, alongside a map of their seat location. Those who visit a concession stand might be given a virtual “point card,” while fans shopping for merchandise can be served coupons upon entering the team store. Marc Abramson, an MLB developer who works on MLB’s iOS apps mentioned the following regarding the matter:

    Essentially, we want to create micro-locations within the stadiums where you can get different experiences.
    He continued by saying that he “couldn’t be more excited about the potential” of iBeacons. MLB considered using GPS for the new features but issues with spatial accuracy and reception made the approach one that was less than ideal.

    For those of you who didn’t know, iBeacons are a new micro-location technology in iOS 7 that uses the power-sipping Bluetooth low energy standard to help iOS devices determine their location with a high degree of accuracy without GPS or cell tower triangulation. Apps can take advantage of this location data in a variety of different ways, such as providing indoor mapping and navigation or customizing the app’s behavior based on a user’s proximity to a specific object.

    Are any of you excited for such an app?

    Source: Mashable

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    2013-09-28 09:27 AM
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    Hell yea! Not just for MLB offers and such, but more so for the potential ability to navigate giant buildings and stadiums in the future... Maybe even museums! Can you imagine? "Turn right at the next hallway, the destination (Mona Lisa) will be on your right."
    2013-09-29 05:32 AM
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    This will be truly awesome. When shopping at a mall or somewhere, this technology will allow stores to send you coupons and deals. Super excited!
    2013-09-30 05:41 AM
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    Sounds nice. I wonder if position can be faked with custom emitters etc..
    2013-09-30 07:53 AM