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    National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson took the iPhone 5S to Scotland and after taking 4,000 photographs, Richardson called the camera on the device “very capable” with pictures that “didn’t look like I was having to settle for second best because it was a mobile phone.” Apple’s Phil Schiller tweeted a link to the article this evening and commented on it saying “iPhoneography.”

    The following was mentioned by Richardson in his article regarding the iPhone 5S camera:

    With intense use (I’ve made about 4,000 pictures in the last four days) I’ve discovered that the iPhone 5S is a very capable camera. The color and exposures are amazingly good, the HDR exposure feature does a stunningly good job in touch situations, the panorama feature is nothing short of amazing—seeing a panorama sweeping across the screen in real time is just intoxicating. Best of all it shoots square pictures natively, a real plus for me since I wanted to shoot for Instagram posting.

    Once I figured out what the camera could do well I began to forget all the things it couldn’t do at all.
    Although the iPhone 5S still uses an 8-megapixel camera, it utilizes a sensor that has a 15% large surface area, meaning it will product higher quality photos in low-light conditions. It also has a 5-element lens with an aperture of f/2.2, an improvement over the iPhone 5’s f/2.4 aperture and the pixels are also larger at 1.5 microns, for better light absorption. Overall, the iPhone 5S also has a 33% increase in light sensitivity.

    Those of you interested in reading more and/or seeing some of the pictures Richardson took from his trip to Scotland should hit the source link below!

    Source: National Geographic (blog), Phil Schiller (Twitter)

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    2013-10-08 08:07 AM
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    That's pretty awesome, he's got some amazing pictures!
    2013-10-08 08:49 PM
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    That's pretty awesome, he's got some amazing pictures!
    2013-10-08 10:57 PM
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    All this great photo capability in both the iPhone and other phones and still I see people looking at these photos on tiny screens. Another plug for AppleTV! I love getting my photo streams on the Apple TV or browsing my pictures that way. When watching TV, on commercial breaks, I flip over to the Apple TV and look at the photos on the 52 inch flatscreen -- Makes for an awesome photo frame!
    2013-10-09 04:20 PM
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    All Apple products have incredible photography quality.... So am not able to say which one is much better than the other.....Apple iPhone 5S

    2013-10-11 10:45 AM