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    AT&T, has spent a couple of days this week improving the coverage of its 4G LTE cellular network in the United States and Puerto Rico by adding another number of new cities to its 4G LTE coverage map.

    This week, AT&T brings 4G LTE coverage to the following lucky locations:

    • Bloomington, Illinois
    • Decatur, Illinois
    • Gillette, Wyoming
    • Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
    • Hickory , North Carolina
    • Jackson, Wyoming
    • Jacksonville, North Carolina
    • Lewiston, Maine
    • McAlester, Oklahoma
    • Pontiac, Illinois
    • Sanford , North Carolina
    • Sheridan, Wyoming
    • Tuskegee, Alabama

    While those in range of AT&T’s 4G LTE network can take advantage of the high download and upload speeds, those that aren’t in range can take advantage of AT&T’s 4G HSPA+ network, which offers a slight speed boost over their 3G network. Verizon is still the nationwide leader in 4G LTE coverage.

    Although 4G LTE offers a theoretical download speed of around 100Mb/s, the unfortunate realities of network congestion in real-life scenarios can cause download speeds on 4G LTE in real-life situations to be more realistically around 20-60Mb/s.

    Many of Apple's latest devices, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Mini, and iPad with retina display can take advantage of AT&T's 4G LTE network, as well as many non-Apple handsets.

    Sources: AT&T
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    2013-10-11 10:00 PM
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    I see two cities in Wyoming, yet, no Montana love. Man....
    2013-10-11 10:17 PM
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    I'm in Fresno, CA and have LTE but live in a 1/2 mile radius dead spot in my neighborhood and still have to use a 3G Microcell to have a signal. Talked to AT&T tech that came out to hook up U-Verse at the house and asked him. He said AT&T probably won't spend the money to put up another tower, cheaper to just have people using a 3G Microcell.
    2013-10-11 11:24 PM
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    20-60. Lol!!!!
    Most AT&T and Verizon in greater houston region is 6-10 if you're lucky.
    2013-10-12 08:22 PM
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    20-60. Lol!!!!
    Most AT&T and Verizon in greater houston region is 6-10 if you're lucky.
    There is quite a few places where it is crapy 3G but ph still says LTE. They lie just like Obama.
    2013-10-14 12:30 PM
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    Have lte in Florida works great and cheaper than Verizon so I'm happy
    dont you hate it when someones signature looks like someones post?

    what a game
    2013-10-16 04:34 AM