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    Ok did a look

    700 min 120 with unlimited Fam tex 3 gb Iphone

    40 3gb Iphone
    40 3gb Iphone
    40 unlimited GF Iphone

    So about 240 Fam plan with 9 gb at 90 and unlimited Data at 30 = 120 for just the data but our bill before tax is 240 with tax about 264

    About 66 an Iphone with tax AT&T

    The new plan would be less data and cost more!
    2013-10-15 06:55 AM
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    My plan's about the same with AT&T.. I have 5 phones (one non-smartphone for grandparent) and a shared plan of 6GB.. We never go over.. And I'm paying $280.. Wonder why mine is $10 MORE than yours and only at 6GB... Hmm.. Will need to call AT&T on that one..

    I think the price is 'fair-ish'.. and over time - look at what all the cell carriers have had to give up.. No more 'text message overage' fees.. No more 'any time minutes' - it's all unlimited.. except Data.. They know that's their cash cow. But they're a business.. It's what businesses do - make money. Competition has been good for us - the end user. Wish they could do that with Health Insurance.. LOL!!
    Mobile Share with 6GB is $90 + $35 for each smartphone ($140 for four) and $30 for a basic phone. Your bill should be $260 + taxes and fees, which probably winds up being about $280. I don't think the other dude was quoting his bill with taxes and fees. If he was, he probably gets a discount.

    So before taxes, your bills should only be off by $10, and that's because smartphones on the Mobile Share plan with 6GB of data each cost $35/month extra, whereas they only cost $30/month extra on the Mobile Share plan with 10GB of data. The 10GB plan is $30 extra, but you save $25 on five smartphones (or in your case $20 on four smartphones and one basic phone) with that plan vs. the 6GB Mobile Share plan.

    Which streaming services are you using over the cell network?? Even in HD 40GB+ per month seems a bit excessive considering how bad Hulu and Netflix both look over 3G/4G HSPDA+, the only exception was when I was in Anaheim near Disneyland and they both worked as well on 4G LTE as they do on my AT&T U-Verse DSL at 12Mbps.

    How is 40+GB even possible these days in a 30 day billing cycle?? That's a minimum of 1.333GB every day???
    It's my only source of Internet at home, so it's really not that hard to imagine. AT&T is the only option for Internet at my apartment, and the cheapest package they offer is $30/month for just 3Mbps; and that's just for the first year. After that, it goes up to $41/month. I get 15Mbps on my phone with Verizon, so I'd pay them $30/month for unlimited tethering before I'd pay AT&T the same for just 3Mbps.
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