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    Just a few days ago, we showed you PushPrivacy, a free jailbreak tweak made available by iOS hacker and developer Ryan Petrich via his beta repository, which could make it so you could keep lock screen notifications from showing the content of your notifications. This would prevent unwanted eyes from peering onto your lock screen and getting to see what kinds of notifications you were getting.

    A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed No Skype Preview by iOS developer Dan Saba is now available in Cydia, which does pretty much the same thing, but only for the Skype application. This means that you won’t be able to configure any settings for each application installed on your iOS device, but rather, if you use Skype, you can keep your messages from being read from the lock screen.

    As shown above, the tweak makes it so that rather than seeing the messages that you’re being sent from the lock screen, it will simply show “New Message” as the content of the notification. This way, if anyone except for you sees your lock screen, they’ll have no idea what the person is sending you on Skype. This gives you a sense of privacy, especially if you have a passcode to keep them from unlocking your iOS device and looking.

    No Skype Preview is available on Cydia’s public BigBoss repository, and it works great for Skype users; however, if you would like to be able to do this for any of your applications, we would suggest adding Ryan Petrich’s beta repository and downloading his PushPrivacy jailbreak tweak, as it can be configured to work with any application on your iOS device, including Skype.

    Name: No Skype Preview
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.1
    Requirements: Skype application must be installed
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Dan Saba
    Editor's Rating: / 2.5/5
    2013-10-15 08:04 PM
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    Can't wait
    2013-10-15 10:29 PM
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    Oh goodie this will stop the NSA!
    2013-10-16 12:05 AM