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    Hulu subscribers who own iOS devices and own Google’s Chromecast will be very happy today. The Hulu Plus app for iOS has recently been updated with a new “Cast” button that will stream your favorite shows to your television with the help of the $35 dongle. This option was previously not available and left many Chromecast owners upset. Hulu had the following to say regarding the matter:

    We know you’ve been enjoying the Hulu Plus app on Chromecast with your Android phones/tablets and iPads over the last few weeks. Today, we are excited to add the Chromecast integration for Hulu Plus to your iPhones.
    The addition of Chromecast integration will finally give iOS users the ability to use their app as a custom remote. Now, from the Hulu Plus app, you can control videos on Chromecast connected to your TV while also browsing the app on your iPhone to queue up your next TV show or movie.

    Those of you interested in downloading the update can do so from the App Store for free.

    Source: Hulu (blog), iTunes

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    2013-10-22 08:50 AM
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    2013-10-22 04:07 PM