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    Well-known by iOS gamers is the Infinity Blade series from Chair Entertainment; a set of games where you explore and conquer, collecting money to buy and upgrade weapons that you will use to defeat your enemies as you advance through the game. The Infinity Blade series is known for its fun gameplay and high-quality 3-D graphics.

    The original Infinity Blade for iOS is currently free in the App Store as a part of a “Black Friday special,” and will remain free for a limited time. The exact time that the sale will end is unknown.

    For those not familiar with Infinity Blade, the player moves through a castle, collecting loot from treasure chests and swiping their blades at enemies to move forward through the castle. There are several different armors, weapons, and potions you can use to get past the bosses you have to fight to advance.

    If you want to grab Infinity Blade while it's free, you can get it from this App Store link. Newer versions of Infinity Blade (II and III) are not free, but can still be purchased from the App Store.

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    2013-11-26 06:53 AM
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    ...and so are a lot of these other apps.


    I got the Oxford Dictionary since that is usually $15!!!
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    2013-11-26 07:06 AM
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    ...and so are a lot of these other apps.

    Game/App Deals: Xbox One & PS4 titles: $49, Infinity Blade: FREE (Reg. $6), iOS freebies, more | 9to5Toys

    I got the Oxford Dictionary since that is usually $15!!!

    its not free 0.99$ here
    2013-11-26 12:08 PM
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    Oxford dict not free in Indian App Store too.
    2013-11-26 06:58 PM
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    oxford not free in USA and Japan store guess they took it off before even a day last....
    2013-11-26 06:59 PM
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    I got mine for Free. Sorry for the misleading post. 😞
    2013-11-26 11:52 PM
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    Only one problem: the original infinity blade was never adapted for the larger screens of the iPhone 5. Makes playing a pain.
    2013-11-27 06:18 AM