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    Following up on the successful release of Final Fantasy IV on iOS back in 2012, publisher Square Enix has recently released the game’s sequel, which follows on the characters and events of that game twenty years later. The recently released title, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is now available on the App Store.

    As mentioned before, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years takes place a few decades after the events of the first game with many of the game’s characters returning, along with new heroes like the improbably named Ceodore, who is the son of Final Fantasy IV’s Cecil and Rosa. Much like other Final Fantasy games, The After Years features the series’ iconic active time battle system. The recent addition also features some in-game mechanics which involve lunar phases and allows users to supercharge their heroes by synergizing them through other characters’ Band Abilities.

    For those of you who are Final Fantasy fans, you may want to look further into the game. As per the usual though, it should be noted that Square Enix’s iOS games come at a more expensive price point with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years coming in at $15.99 for those of you interested in making the purchase.

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    2013-11-26 07:07 AM