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    On Tuesday, the highly popular Angry Birds Game for iOS has received an update bringing the game up to version 3.4.0.

    With the update, Angry Birds has been given 30 all-new levels for players to enjoy. Rovio dubs the new episode “Short Fuse,” in which you’ll find yourself in the middle of the piggy laboratory.

    The new level also gives you potions, which you can use to give your Angry Birds new abilities. The black bomb bird also gets a new electrifying shock wave power in these levels, which you can use to knock down all of the pigs and their defenses.

    Existing players of Angry Birds will find the update under the Updates tab in the App Store application. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Angry Birds from the App Store for 99¢ from this link.

    Sources: App Store
    2013-11-26 09:21 PM
  2. jose060789's Avatar
    Angry Birds should just die, who still plays those games?
    Sent from my iPhone 4.
    2013-11-26 11:01 PM
  3. Kaisei's Avatar
    Angry Birds should just die, who still plays those games?
    I'm on Angry Birds Star Wars if that counts?
    2013-11-26 11:36 PM
  4. kosher1's Avatar
    Didn't they suck enough $$$ out of this game already ?
    2013-11-27 02:57 AM
  5. hogcia's Avatar
    The most overrated game of all time!
    2013-11-27 03:55 AM
  6. rickuk's Avatar
    Good to see some new levels to challenge me
    2013-11-27 07:58 AM