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    This year, Android may have finally caught up to Apple in terms of the number of apps the Google Play store now houses and how may downloads the storefront has experienced, but Apple is still the king of the green when it comes to developer app download revenue.

    Data compiled by Business Insider shows that iOS gives developers roughly 5-times more revenue per download than Android. What it all boils down to is that iOS developers earn $1 in app download revenue vs. the $0.19 pocketed by Android developers.

    Although the earnings gap between iOS and Android developers does, in the big picture, continue to narrow, there's no denying that iOS remains powerfully in command in the revenue race between developers on these two competing, market-leading platforms.

    Apple confirmed this past summer that the company has now paid developers more than $10 billion to date - a figure poised to rise exponentially in 2014.

    Source: Business Insider
    2013-11-27 08:39 PM
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    Hmm, maybe because most apps are free on Android? Just saying
    2013-11-28 07:08 PM