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    According to a recent report from mobile analytics firm, Flurry, mobile device users logged 1.3 billion app sessions over Thanksgiving weekend, a 68% increase from last year, with photo, video and music apps accounting for half of all usage. It should be noted that the data was taken from a number of operating systems, not just iOS, but can be applied to Apple’s operating system as part of a larger trend in app use.

    While more shoppers are turning to mobile apps for their Black Friday sales needs, 2013 continued an interesting trend in which app use spikes on Thanksgiving Day, then slowly drops down to baseline by Cyber Monday. The finding suggests mobile users may be burying their noses in iPhones and iPads during family gatherings. Diving deeper into the data, the firm broke down apps into categories, including shopping, news, games and more. In a chart which was appropriately titled “Apps: The New Thanksgiving Tradition,” Flurry outlines changes in app session volume from baseline over a spectrum of categories on the day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

    One of the largest changes that were seen was the Media app type, which covers music, photo, video and movie apps. Media apps were used 50% more than usual on Thanksgiving, higher than the 46% seen last year and five times that of 2011’s 10% uptick. Games came in second with a 36% jump in usage, compared to 24% and 27% in 2012 and 2011, respectively. The most interesting is a drop in shopping app engagement compared to previous years. This past Thanksgiving, usage rose 26% from the previous week. In 2012, the same shopping app type saw a 53% spike, the highest for any category that year. Further usage remained steady this year on Black Friday at 21% above baseline, while last season’s mega sale day saw rates 50% higher than normal.

    As pointed out by the analytics firm, the overall use of shopping apps in the week before the Thanksgiving weekend swelled by roughly 70% between 2012 and 2013, meaning the 2013 spike is on top of an overall higher baseline. Session volume for travel apps fell 32% on Thanksgiving to be the biggest loser in 2013, with business and education and news close behind with respective dips of 29% and 25%. Flurry monitors over 400,000 apps on more than 1.2 billion devices worldwide, though to harvest the data points mentioned above, the firm focused on the US where Thanksgiving is the first national holiday of season.

    What kind of apps did you use over Thanksgiving weekend?

    Source: Flurry (blog)

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