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    A page which advertises reservations for China Mobile Beijing’s 4G LTE service now features Apple’s iPhone 5S, as well as a bejeweled golden apple, hinting towards the availability of pre-orders in the near future. Although not conclusive evidence, the reservation page suggests that China Mobile is close to kicking off its iPhone pre-orders.

    If China Mobile does in fact initiate an iPhone reservation system in the near future, the claim made by The Wall Street Journal stating that pre-orders would start on Thursday, December 12 would turn out to be accurate. The WSJ continued to claim that the iPhone would officially roll out on December 18, contradicting a prior statement from China Mobile that denied reaching a deal with Apple to sell the handset.

    The carrier seems to have already posted multiple reservation webpages for its upcoming 4G LTE network but so far only one has alluded towards an iPhone. We’ll just have to wait and see if the claims being made turn out to be true or not by being patient.

    Source: China Mobile via AppleInsider

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    2013-12-12 11:48 AM