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    On Tuesday, the popular Groupon application for iOS has been updated, bringing the application up to version 3.0. Groupon allows users to view great deals nearby to their location, whether its food, entertainment, or goods.

    Tuesday's update gives the application a new design for iOS 7, including the taller navigation bar, updated keyboard style, transparency in layers, and the flatter user interface appearance. The My Groupon and My Profile pages have also been given small improvements.

    In addition, Groupon is now a universal application, which means a single application can be installed on both the iPhone and iPad (iPod touch included) without the need for having two different versions of the application in your iTunes application library.

    Groupon has been given a small number of bug fixes as well, all improving the application's overall stability and user experience.

    Existing users of the Groupon application for iOS will find the update under the updates tab in the App Store application. Alternatively, users can download the latest version of Groupon for free from this App Store link.

    Sources: App Store
    2013-12-17 07:09 PM