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    Sega’s latest racing game for iOS is Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed is now available after making its debt for other platforms originally in 2012. The previous iteration, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, was a straight up cart racing game, arguably Sega’s response to Super Mario Kart which was developed by one of its rivals, Nintendo. The new iteration, Transformed, introduced the idea of transforming vehicles that can make their way through water and air as well.

    The new iOS game features ten racers, new content designed for the mobile version, online and local four-player action, integration with Facebook, and different control methods including touch, tilt and controller. In-app purchases unlock additional content such as new competitors.

    For those of you into the series, or those of you who like cart-racing or the famous Mario Kart series, the title is definitely worth checking out as you won’t be disappointed. You can pick it up from the App Store for a price of $4.99.

    Source: iTunes

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    2014-01-02 03:00 PM
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    Just look at the price of those IAP's.... !!!!!!!
    2014-01-02 03:05 PM
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    Just look at the price of those IAP's.... !!!!!!!
    HOLY MOLY!!! $4.99 to get the game, then up to $9.99 to add stuff?!?! That's absurd!
    2014-01-02 07:51 PM
  4. Answer1o1's Avatar
    Just look at the price of those IAP's.... !!!!!!!
    $9.99 for racing decals lol!? And they wonder why people pirate inapp purchasing
    2014-01-03 12:03 AM