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    On Thursday, Chitika updated it Mobile Progress Report to add a sense of finality to the holiday mobile war that played out in recent weeks among the largest players in the mobile arena.

    So what did the holidays means for Apple's tablet lineup? Unfortunately, not as much as they meant to Amazon and Microsoft.

    "After examining changes in North American Web traffic share, we found that Amazon and Microsoft had the most promising holiday seasons within the tablet marketplace," today's update reads.

    More promisingly for Apple, however, is that it was the only manufacturer to gain usage share amongst all leading smartphone competitors.

    "Apple experienced diverging fortunes when it came to post-Christmas usage share changes in 2013. The iPhone was the only smartphone to exhibit usage share gains in the wake of the holiday, likely indicating that its latest set of 5S and 5C devices remained a hit with consumers," Chitika reports.

    The iPad’s tablet usage share, however, slipped by 1.3 percentage points against its competitors.

    "While Apple’s iPad is unlikely to relinquish its crown as top driver of tablet Web traffic in the foreseeable future, Amazon’s Kindle Fire has performed very well for a second consecutive year, and Microsoft’s notable year-over-year rise in the space, from 0.4% share to 2.3%, underscores the market’s more 'wide open' nature," Chitika concluded.

    To learn more, check out the updated report here.

    Source: Chitika
    2014-01-02 09:25 PM