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    The Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing and companies are continuing to make their announcements. The Colorado-based Orbotix, the makers of the popular Sphero ball, unveiled its latest connected toy: the “Sphero 2B.” This time, it’s a cylinder instead of a ball and it is twice as fast as the current Sphero. The 2B is made of a durable polycarbonate material and features interchangeable wheels. It connects via Bluetooth and is capable of speeds of up to 14 ft/s. Furthermore, since it has only two points of contact, users can pull off some pretty wild stunts.

    The Sphero 2B, with its tubular design, can turn on a dime, launch off steep inclines and tumble. On the software side, it’s completely programmable, capable of advanced multiplayer and has support for third-party apps and games. Furthermore, the Sphero 2B is controllable via both iOS and Android devices. The device is scheduled to launch in the fall of this year for $100. Those of you who are interested can reserve a place in line to be one of the first to own one at GoSphero.com/2B.

    The official promo video of the toy can be seen below:

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    2014-01-06 05:17 PM