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    With the combination of wearable rings and custom software, IK Multimedia’s new iRing system allows iOS apps to recognize and respond to mid-air gestures in a similar way to Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller. To be more specific, the specifically-designed reversible rings are tracked using the built-in front-facing camera on Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. At this point, the software takes over, using proprietary algorithms to analyze the images and translate the rings’ movements into commands.

    Each ring features two distinct patterns that can be combined with a gesture to trigger different actions. IK Multimedia’s iRing FX/Control app acts as a hub for the iRing system. Compatible with both AudioBus and Inter-App audio, the FX/Control app takes responsibility for tracking and communicating instructions and effects to other music production apps.

    As of right now, the company has implemented iRing support in its own apps like AmpliTube, SampleTank and Groovemaker 2. Those who buy the iRing can also take advantage of iRing Music Maker, a free app aimed at creating new beats on-the-fly that has been specifically designed for the iRing.

    The company has also made a software development kit available for developers wishing to add iRing support in their own apps, with IK Multimedia also promising a free licensing program for music-focused apps.

    Those of you interested in watching a video about the product can do so below:

    The iRing is available for pre-order for €19.99 and comes in three different colors from IK Multimedia’s website.

    What do you think of the product?

    Source: IK Multimedia

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-01-08 10:49 PM
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    THATS where the Samsung Galaxy is better. it doesn't need any stupid ring.
    2014-01-09 02:03 AM
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    LOL. The tweak we used to have, like probably around the iOS 3/4 days? That would let you do swipes to control those apps, was much better.

    $30 > $300 dude.
    2014-01-09 01:26 PM
  4. bigboyz's Avatar
    Umm..i don't mind touching my phone haha! I mean really. By the time you whip out your hand to make the gesture, you could have touched your device for the same affect...NEXT.
    2014-01-09 04:51 PM