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    InteraXon added to the long list of companies showcasing new wearables at CES with its brain-reading, stress-reducing, concentration-improving headband named Muse. The Muse headband allows users to have their brainwaves read, as well as perform simple mind controlling activities and games to help strengthen your brain. The headband features 7 EEG sensors, with five being in the front and two by the ears that are used to detect and measure your brain activity. The data then gets relayed back to your iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth LE and creates exercises designed to help settle your mind and improve your concentration.

    Users who put the headband on every day for roughly 3 to 10 minutes and load up games will receive feedback through the sound of wind. If your brainwaves indicate you aren’t concentrating hard enough, you will hear a rush of wind. When your brainwaves are on point, the wind will calm.

    The goal of the product and exercise is to help users improve their brain health by generating a range of brain signals and helping you learn how to relax and stay on task longer. The company mentioned that Muse can help reduce blood pressure, hyper-tension, and emotional reactivity.

    InteraxOn plans to launch the Muse this Spring for $299. Those of you who decide to pre-order the device will receive $30 off your purchase.

    Source: Shoplocket

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    2014-01-09 05:52 AM
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    I want to see the peer-reviewed research that went behind this, if there was such research conducted... Otherwise, where is the evidence to backup their claims?
    2014-01-09 08:36 AM