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    App developer Yose Widjaja has recently created a new Swype-style keyboard designed to allow users to type with two hands using swipe gestures and he’s demoing the keyboard in his Hipjot note taking app. Poised as a cross between both gesture-based Android keyboard Swype and the standard iOS keyboard, the Hipjot keyboard can be typed on like a regular keyboard but it also supports to handed sliding between letters. This means users can type the letters of a word such as “deviant” with two hands simultaneously in a single double loop gesture.

    Since the keyboard allows users to both type normally and swipe through letters with one or two hands, it can result in pretty impressive typing speeds. Widjaja was able to reach a peak of 120 words per minute, which is higher than the predicted Swype typing speed of 50 words per minute. Furthermore, while Swype, which is limited to Android, also allows for gesture-based typing, it doesn’t let users type with two hands simultaneously nor does it allow users to switch between swipes and standard key entry.

    Furthermore, since the Hipjot keyboard incorporates dual entry methods, users have more control over the typing experience. It’s also designed to be highly forgiving of inaccurate touches and it includes both selectable corrections based on input and a customizable dictionary. The developer mentioned the following to the folks over at MacRumors:

    With two finger inputs, you can be a lot more explicit in your touches, so it allows you to type without choosing what you want to type, most of the time, while retaining a comfortable swipe where you want to. One finger swipes are inferior in that words like "paraphernalia" forces your finger to go left/right so much.
    Those of you interested in seeing the possibilities with the custom keyboard and learning more about it should watch the video below:

    As of right now, Widjaja’s Hipjot note-taking app is designed to serve as a way to show off his innovative keyboard. While Widjaja is willing to work with other developers and would like to see his keyboard gain traction in the iOS platform, custom keyboard implementation on the platform must be done on a per-app basis since Apple doesn’t allow third-party keyboard to replace the default keyboard. While many iOS users would like to have the option to install keyboards like Swype, or Hipjot’s dual-swipe invention, Apple hasn’t budged on the matter. Some developers such as those behind the predictive keyboard, Fleksy, have skirted Apple’s rules by releasing an SDK for other developers to use, but custom keyboards like the one found in Hipjot are unlikely to catch on until Apple relaxes some of its rules.

    As a result of Apple’s rules, the dual-typing experience is currently limited to Widjaja’s Hipjot note-taking app which can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99. The keyboard works just as advertised but the app itself, while functional, has a steep learning curve and a custom user interface that takes some time to get used to. It should be noted that the app is optimized for the iPhone 5 and later and isn’t recommended for older phones.

    Source: iTunes via Jormy AppStudio, MacRumors

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    It has potential
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    In the video they didn't show us the nudes!
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    I'm sure the jail breakers will find a way to get this, seeing as there are Swype ports for jbiOS. IIRC there are a few apps that work like this, there's the nearly useless App Store version that allows you to use custom keyboards in the app but you have to manually copy-paste the text elsewhere, and the jailbroken version that integrates system-wide.
    2014-01-14 01:00 AM
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    Yeah this might win itypfastr lol.
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