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    The recently released third beta of iOS 7.1 includes a feature that allows users to delete the over-the-air installation files that are automatically installed whenever an iPhone is connected to AC Power according to German site Macerkopf.de. The ability to delete installation files will allow users who don’t wish to upgrade their devices to new versions of iOS to free up valuable space on their devices. Previously, over-the-air updates that were downloaded could not be removed, which was an issue that received attention in September after iOS 6 users were forced to install iOS 7 or lose 3.1 GB of storage space to the installation file.

    Users with iOS 7.1 beta 3 who haven’t installed the update will see it listed in the Settings menu, under General than Usage, where it can be removed like any other app or file. The file can be deleted if it was downloaded over-the-air in the background or manually. Although the over-the-air files can be deleted in iOS 7.1 beta 3, there is a possibility that this is a beta-only feature that won’t make it into the final release of the software. Apple often adds and removes features during the course of beta testing, such as the dark keyboard that was available in iOS 7.1 beta 1 and removed in beta 2.

    Originally released to developers last week, iOS 7.1 beta 3 also includes a number of visual changes that give iOS 7 a revamped look and feel. Among the visual changes were a redesigned Phone dialer, an improved keyboard and darker colors for the Phone, Messages and FaceTime apps. It remains unclear when Apple plans to release iOS 7.1 to the general public but a December report suggested the update could launch in March after a lengthy beta testing period. We’ll just have to wait and see though.

    Source: Macerkopf.de via Google Translate

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-01-13 11:16 PM
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    No thx jeff JB > stock iOS
    2014-01-13 11:49 PM
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    I wish Apple returns the Panorama on homescreen / locksreen feature
    2014-01-14 01:27 AM
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    I wish Apple returns the Panorama on homescreen / locksreen feature
    I plan to stay on 7.0.4 unless we can still JB ( doubtful) I installed no update on my two phones
    2014-01-14 02:39 AM
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    One of the necessary things iOS should have had from the beginning of OTA updates
    2014-01-14 07:42 AM