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    According to a new research report from JDSU, owners of Apple’s iPhone 5S are using significantly more data than iPhone 5 owners consumed last year, 20% more to be exact. The study claims the 20% increased data usage is an “unprecedented increase” in uplink and downlink data demands. The report examined data usage in both developed and developing markets across more than a million mobile device users. Apple’s iPhone 5S and fourth-gen iPad owners used the most data with Android-based HTC Sensation and the Sony Xperia SP coming up closely behind. The following was mentioned regarding the matter:

    Users of the latest iPhone 5s consume more downlink data than any other smartphone users in both markets under study, consuming almost seven times and twenty times as much as the benchmark iPhone 3G users. This is consistent with the trend seen over the past three years where users of the flagship iPhone devices were the most data-hungry smartphone users. As in past years, we are not in a position to directly identify the root causes of this data consumption.
    The study also found that iPhone 5C and iPad mini owners used less data than owners of Apple’s more expensive devices, although no easily-determined causal link could be drawn from those findings. The data did note that the top 1% of cellular users consume more than half of all downloaded data, with the top 10% of users consuming 90% of downloaded data. The company notes that this is broadly consistent with trends from the past two years. In addition, LTE data users, unsurprisingly consume more data than users on slower data networks.

    Source: JDSU via TechCrunch

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-01-23 06:14 AM
  2. holyshnikes's Avatar
    I use it more. Faster than my wifi and I'm on my unlimited plan still.
    2014-01-23 10:47 AM
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    Pretty tough to use any data when your speed test is 0.03 on Att LTE!!
    2014-01-23 03:31 PM
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    Ha the iPhone 5 is beating the 5C! Lol screw the 5C why would anyone want it is is creap plastic knock-off of the iPhone 5....
    2014-01-23 04:13 PM
  5. Sage I's Avatar
    Ha the iPhone 5 is beating the 5C! Lol screw the 5C why would anyone want it is is creap plastic knock-off of the iPhone 5....
    I didn't think it was a contest of who or what is beating what... I personally didn't buy a 5c but a 5s... But the 5c is actually really nicely built... Did you see the video apple showed of the manufacturing of the 5c when it was officially announced? It's really not all cheap and plasticky...

    Anyway back to the topic... I think I am using slightly more data now with my 5s. I gave up my unlimited plan too... Maybe being on LTE now after being on Edge or 3G for so long is why... It's faster and less annoying to browse and stream on the go than it used to be...
    2014-01-23 05:57 PM
  6. Cardiac's Avatar
    With it being a really quick phone, for the time being, it's really kind of hard to not simply, use it.. Any questions asked, location, even on the fly questions from my kiddos, or in a hurry info look up. It's just convenient. When I get home there's no need really to use it anymore. I'm caught up on everything and ready to hang out with my family, and well, pay attention. haha
    2014-01-26 08:01 AM