1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar

    In Mobile Safari in iOS 7, Apple made the user interface look sleek and shiny, but one thing they missed is an indicator to tell you how many tabs you have open at one time. It's always nice to know that you have a tab open in the background so that you don't forget it's open back there.

    If you want to add an indicator that shows how many total tabs you have open in Mobile Safari in iOS 7, then check out a new free jailbreak tweak called SafariTabCount by iOS developer Charlie Hewitt.

    As shown above, the tweak adds a numeric indicator to your open tabs button at the bottom right of the Mobile Safari user interface. In this case, we had two tabs open, so it shows the number 2 on top of the button. Tapping on the button still shows us all of the tabs we have open and lets us close to open new tabs. The number updates automatically as we close or open new tabs.

    If we could change anything about the tweak, we'd have the font size made a little smaller. Other than that, it's a pretty nice touch for Mobile Safari in iOS 7.

    If you want to give SafariTabCount a try, it's available for free right now in Cydia's ModMyi repository. The tweak requires iOS 7 to be installed.

    Name: SafariTabCount
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.0.4
    Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: Charlie Hewitt
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5
    2014-01-27 05:53 PM
  2. bigboyz's Avatar
    Ooooh, I must have this one thank you!
    2014-01-27 06:26 PM
  3. MrBozack's Avatar
    one of the little usefull tweaks! great!!
    2014-01-27 06:40 PM
  4. ZealFied's Avatar
    How to get the black UI???
    2014-01-27 09:09 PM
  5. iYeow's Avatar
    Must have this tweak, thank you
    2014-01-27 09:10 PM
  6. Aenima133's Avatar
    How to get the black UI???
    I do believe it's private browsing in settings.
    2014-01-27 11:00 PM
  7. tjELITE's Avatar
    What tweak was used to make the nav bars black?
    2014-01-27 11:18 PM
  8. claustin's Avatar
    I like iOS 7, but this was one of the stupidest omissions made in the name of "simplicity." Thanks so much to the dev for bringing it back.

    I do believe it's private browsing in settings.
    now we need a tweak to make this the default UI without private browsing being enabled.
    2014-01-28 04:01 AM
  9. mrrom92's Avatar
    Why no tweak for unlimited tabs yet? i figured this would be a priority... especially after Apple practically lied to us about it.
    2014-01-28 05:56 AM
  10. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    What tweak was used to make the nav bars black?
    The dark interface is private browsing. Not a tweak, just a default feature.
    2014-01-28 05:57 AM
  11. The Guz's Avatar
    Nice and simple tweak.
    2014-01-29 06:12 AM