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    Chances are, many of you have probably heard of the insanely popular and free Flappy Bird game in the App Store. The game recently shot up to the top free part of the Top Charts section in the App store, and while it may be free, it's still earning the developer, Dong Nguyen, a good chunk of money.

    If you've never heard of Flappy Bird before, the game is very simple. There are a bunch of pipes in the level, and there's a gap in between two pipes every so often that you have to fly through to keep moving through the game. At the same time, you need to flap by tapping on the screen, and this allows you to control how high or how low you are. When you hit a pipe, it's game over, and your score is recorded; you will be taunted by the humiliating smacking sound of your bird hitting the ground, and then there's a chance you might rage-quit.

    According to a report from The Verge, the mobile ads from within the game, which has been downloaded more than 50 million times, are generating nearly $50,000 in revenue each day. Nguyen explains in his own words why he thinks the game has become so successful:

    The reason Flappy Bird is so popular is that it happens to be something different from mobile games today, and is a really good game to[url compete against each other. People in the same classroom can play and compete easily because [Flappy Bird] is simple to learn, but you need skill to get a high score.
    The report goes on to explain that while many users are requesting difficulty options and new features in the App Store reviews, Nguyen doesn't want to risk adding anything more to this game as it may ruin the game's reputation for being both fun and challenging, and even sometimes frustrating.

    I tend to agree with him Flappy Bird is perfect just how it is in all of its simplicity and frustration. Adding anything else to adjust the game's difficulty would take away from the game's morale and luster. While it would be nice to turn on a switch that enabled "Easy" mode, it just wouldn't be as fun or challenging.

    If you haven't yet played Flappy Bird, it's available in the App Store for free from this App Store link.

    Sources: The Verge
    2014-02-06 06:00 PM
  2. hogcia's Avatar
    I wonder what ad system he's using? iAds?
    2014-02-06 08:50 PM
  3. karloz25's Avatar
    Does this mean people are clicking on the ad inside the game to generate the revenue? I never click on the ads.
    2014-02-06 11:53 PM
  4. CZroe's Avatar
    I wonder what anod system he's using? iAds?
    Not exclusively because it's Android ad revenue too.
    2014-02-07 12:17 AM
  5. ThatOneProfile's Avatar
    Does this mean people are clicking on the ad inside the game to generate the revenue? I never click on the ads.
    Ad revenue is calculated by how many people see it and how many "interactive clicks" meaning who clicks on it. Obviously if people click on it, the dev will charge more.
    2014-02-07 02:03 AM