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    On Wednesday, Rovio made a Tweet teasing an upcoming Angry Birds game that would be 'adventurous' and offer 'more birds.' The teaser image that the company Tweeted was very vague and didn't give much information as to what to expect from the upcoming game.

    On Thursday, however, the game developers have officially announced, via their blog, the upcoming release of Angry Birds Stella, which is set to release this Fall. Angry Birds Stella definitely takes a more feminine approach to the game, as you can tell from the womanly birds on the teaser image above.

    Albeit feminine, Rovio notes that the characters of the game still keep their "fierce and feisty" attitudes. Your goal will be to keep the friendship going between the birds, as well as protect their environment.

    To stay updated on the game and Rovio's announcements, you can follow the new Angry Birds Stella Web page at this link.

    Sources: Rovio
    2014-02-13 06:11 PM
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    Just give up already rovio !
    2014-02-14 08:46 AM
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    They suck the last drop of milk out of the dried out Rovio tit
    2014-02-14 04:01 PM