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    Sometimes when you're trying really hard to focus on something, the slightest touch of the shutter button, or press of the volume buttons can give you a camera shake effect and ruin the entire photograph.

    For a truly touch-free way to snap photographs, check out a new free jailbreak tweak called ProximityCam by iOS developer PoomSmart. This tweak will add a feature to your iPhone that is similar to the Camera Proximity Snap feature on some Android smartphones, and allows you to simply wave your hand or finger over the proximity sensor for your iPhone to snap a photograph.

    Since waving in front of the proximity sensor is touch-free, you won't have to worry about blur from camera shake.

    The tweak works for both the rear-facing and front-facing camera. Obviously, for the front-facing camera, you'll have to be a little cautious since the proximity sensor is so close to the front-facing camera. For this reason, we would recommend only using your fingertip to trip the proximity sensor, that way you don't get your hand in the way of the photograph. For the rear-facing camera, you can be much more sloppy when tripping the proximity sensor, because there's no way for your hand to get in the way of the rear-facing camera when waving your hand in front of the device.

    The tweak adds a preferences pane to the Settings application where you can configure a few key options:

    From here, you can enable or disable the tweak on demand, as well as enable or disable allowing the proximity sensor to dim the display while in the Camera application. You'll also find a slider where you can adjust how often the proximity sensor is allowed to trip this will be useful so that your iPhone doesn't take a dozen photographs at once while you wave your hand, and instead, only takes one nice photograph.

    You can watch the tweak in action via the developer's demo video below:

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our mobile application, tap on the video link below:

    YouTube Video

    If you want to give this tweak a try, it's available for free in Cydia's BigBoss repository. The tweak is only intended for iPhones running iOS 7.0 or later.

    Name: ProximityCam
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0-1
    Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.0.5
    Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: PoomSmart
    Editor's Rating:  5/5
    2014-02-19 05:21 AM
  2. sknet's Avatar
    battery drainer or not?
    2014-02-19 11:09 AM
  3. bigboyz's Avatar
    There is one way to find out..downloading now..
    2014-02-19 01:50 PM
  4. mlee19841's Avatar
    Report back about batt. Also does it let u take multiple shots like if u were to hold down the camera button?
    2014-02-19 07:41 PM