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    If you like changing things around to your liking, then one part of iOS that you probably really like tinkering with is the Status Bar. A new jailbreak tweak called MyStatusBar by iOS developer jtanner is now available in Cydia's ModMyi repository and comes with a whole truckload of features for customizing your Status Bar to your liking.

    MyStatusBar is by far one of the most polished and in-depth Status Bar customizing tweaks we've ever reviewed. Once you see the tweak's extensive preferences pane (show below), you will understand why:

    The first two options will allow you to either hide all icons from the Status Bar system-wide, or hide all icons from the Status Bar on the Lock Screen only. Below that, you will also find options for enabling or disabling the clock in the Status Bar, and enabling or disabling the SpringBoard Status Bar.

    There's also a built-in icon tester feature, where you can enable or disable all of iOS' system icons in a mock-up Status Bar to see what they look like. Chances are, you might not have seen every single Status Bar icon known to iOS-kind. Here, you can see what they all look like, and pick and choose the ones you like the most.

    There's also a clock section, where you can configure what appears in the clock section of your Status Bar. You can have the time show here as usual, or you can have either your Wi-Fi IP address, cellular IP address, SSID, free memory, or a custom string appear here. You can also easily switch the clock between 12 hours or 24 hours, customize the now playing feature, and even choose to show both the free memory and time at the same time. The set custom time text option is only used if you chose to have a custom string appear here.

    The tweak also gives you the option to have animated custom text, which will animate every 10 seconds. The developer notes that this will be a battery drainer, so you should only use this feature if you really don't mind lowered battery performance.

    Beneath that, you'll find the ability to hide or show Do Not Disturb, Airplane Mode, and the signal bars on demand.

    The carrier section will give you the ability to enable or disable a custom carrier logo and custom carrier text in the Status Bar.

    The data section gives you the ability to hide or show the data/network icon, fake your data indicator similarly to the KDLTE4G tweak, and hide or show the blue tethering bar when your tether your device's Wi-Fi to another device.

    The final section of the preferences pane lets you turn icons on and off when they're in use in the Status Bar. For example, if you have certain icons in the Status Bar, you can turn them on in this preferences pane to hide them, or turn them back off to show them again. What this tweak will not do is show them if they're already hidden. There's also the ability to hide the Status Bar from Notification Center completely, which will require a respring if you enable this option.

    You'll also find yourself with some handy Activator integration too.

    Most settings that you apply in this preferences pane take effect immediately and don't require a respring to take effect, so it's very easy for you to apply changes and see them happen in real time.

    You can watch the developer's demonstration video below:

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the video link below:

    With all of the customization that MyStatusBar gives you, it's easy to say that if you like customizing your Status Bar, you should give MyStatusBar a try, It's available in Cydia's ModMyi repository for just $1.49.

    Name: MyStatusBar
    Price: $1.49
    Version: 1.2-1
    Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.0.6
    Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.6
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: jtanner
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5
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    Does it configure it in the imaginable way of not going double size during calls?
    2014-02-24 05:11 AM
  3. jtanner's Avatar
    Does it configure it in the imaginable way of not going double size during calls?
    Not at the moment, however I will most certainly look into it!

    A few things in the pipeline (from requests etc)

    - Weather option in custom time. (using WOEID)
    - Time included in the loop when using now playing
    - Choose which items to cycle from the activator action.
    2014-02-25 06:21 AM
  4. michlus's Avatar
    Is it possible to have the date displayed?
    2014-02-27 02:58 AM
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    Yes of course! If you use the Custom Time Text option, you can use any date / time format you desire.

    For example: EEEE h:mm a

    would display like: Thursday 1:23 pm

    More examples:

    hh Hour in 12hr format (e.g. 12)
    HH Hour in 24hr format (e.g. 13)

    mm Minutes (e.g. 56)
    ss Seconds (e.g. 45)
    a am / pm
    Example: hh:mm:ss a 12:45:33 pm
    Example: HH:mm:ss 18:45:33

    dd The numeric day (e.g. 31)
    E The short day (e.g. Tue)
    EEEE The full day (e.g. Tuesday
    EEEEE The day intial (e.g. T)

    MM The numeric month (e.g. 12)
    MMM The short month (e.g. Dec)
    MMMM The full month (e.g. December)
    MMMMM The month inital (e.g. D)

    yy The short numeric year (e.g. 14)
    yyyy The long numeric year (e.g. 2014)
    Example: dd/mm/yy 31/12/14
    Example: dd MMM yyyy 31 Dec 2014

    Build up what ever combination you choose.

    If you wish to include a string you must wrap the text in ' '

    Example: h:mm a 'HelloWorld' EEEE

    would result in: 1:23pm HelloWorld Thursday

    Hope this helps
    2014-02-27 03:03 AM