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    Google introduced some new features for the mobile Wallet app last month with the most notable being the ability to scan loyalty cards using Apple’s iPhone iSight camera, and receive notifications from local merchants for offers. Google is now introducing a feature called “Orders,” which allows users to track online shipments using Google Wallet’s Android or iOS app.

    According to the Google Commerce Blog, this new “Orders” feature will use receipts from Gmail to allow users to track their online purchases. In order to track orders, users will have to hit ‘Activate’ after opening the app and it will be located under Track Your Orders or simply just tap on ‘Orders’ in the menu. As a bonus, Wallet will also send notifications to users about order status changes.

    Other than track current online orders, the app will conveniently organize past orders into one place so users can track what they have bought so far. Information such as merchant contact information, shipping details, and products ordered are only to name few things users can view in the new feature. This refreshed software will be released to U.S. based customers in the App store sometime this week.

    Google mentioned the following about the new update:

    Plus, with just one click you can call or email the merchant if you have questions about your order… whether your order is shipped, out for delivery, or delayed, you’ll never wonder about the status of your order.
    Source: Google Ecommerce (blog) via Engadget

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    2014-03-13 12:33 AM
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    Slice app does this and not limited to gmail
    2014-03-13 06:52 AM
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    Slice app does this and not limited to gmail
    Slice is nice.
    2014-03-13 02:39 PM