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    The medieval-themed Angry Birds game that Rovio teased just a few days ago doesn't appear to be like any other Angry Birds game that we've seen before. Rovio announced via Kotaku that the game would actually be a turn-based combat and crafting RPG game called Angry Birds Epic.

    The game is set to be released in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand soon, and will follow in other countries afterwards later in the year.

    The source also tells us that players will be able to make their own armor, weapons, power-ups, and more either by using resources obtained throughout the game, or via in-app purchases. It'll actually be a completely different experience than many of the other Angry Birds releases that Rovio is known for, and this game might actually be worth looking into.

    You can watch the game's teaser video below:

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    Sources: Kotaku
    2014-03-13 06:18 AM
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    Still not buying into it.
    Rovio should just retire.
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    2014-03-13 06:34 AM