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    Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird, has plans to re-release his hit game in the App Store again, according to many interactions he has had with fans recently. In a recent tweet discovered by Gawker, Nguyen was asked by a fan if he was planning on returning Flappy Bird to the App Store, and his answer was “Yes. But not soon.” Another fan bumped into Nguyen at the Game Developers Conference, located in San Francisco currently, and reported confirmation on the game re-launch as well.

    During an interview with Rolling Stones this month, Nguyen first hinted the possibility of reintroducing Flappy Bird when he stated that the move was under consideration. Nguyen also explained the reason as why to he originally pulled the app from the App Store in February during the same interview- it was generating too much attention, too overly addictive, and literally ruining lives.

    At the peak of its popularity, Nguyen was earning more than $50,000 a day from Flappy Bird and he was continuing to earn money even after it was taken off the App Store. After the game was taken off the market, hundreds of similar Flappy Bird apps were released on the App Store, each trying to earn some of what Nguyen was earning from the game.

    There has yet to be a set date on when Flappy Bird will be re-launched on the App Store, but “please take a break” will be a warning with the re-released app, according to Nguyen.

    Source: Gawker

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    2014-03-21 12:08 AM