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    The blogging platform, Medium, recently launched its first iOS app, a read-only content aggregator which allows users of the online service to quickly browse followed collections, view recommendations and find new stories of interest. Unlike its Web counterpart, Medium for iOS remains read-only, making it more of a consumption app than a tool for production. The app instead applies Mediumís clean and easy-to-use user interface to mobile content aggregation and discovery.

    Once users sign in, the app pulls from stories trending on the Medium website, new content from a userís followed writers and new additions to a userís subscription list. Those of you who use the Web counterpart will find the layout familiar with stories grouped into collections.

    The in-app controls appear to be intuitive, with navigation handled by left and right swipes instead of screen taps or static buttons. Reading controls are handled by up and down scrolling gestures.

    As with most recent iOS apps, Medium integrates heavily into social networks and allows users to share stories via Facebook and Twitter, iMessage and email. Bookmarking and recommending of stories is also supported with user account changes carrying over to Mediumís web platform.

    Those of you interested in downloading the free 6 MB app can do so from the App Store.

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    2014-03-21 04:24 PM