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    Apple is reportedly testing a new feature in the App Store in iOS 7 that makes related search results appear at the top of the display above the application icons and names of applications that appear under user search results. For example, upon looking for a Calendar application, you can see that the new feature shows related search results such as "calender planner," "daily planner," and more, as shown above.

    The new feature was first discovered by iOS developer Olga Osadcha. The feature doesn't appear to be available for everyone to take advantage of just yet, although it does appear to be slowly rolling out to iOS 7 users as the day goes by and more people are expected to start seeing the feature in time.

    A feature like this would increase the user's ability to stumble upon similar applications in the App Store, which helps with application discovery. Application discovery is one of the App Store's weak points, being that Apple does very little to actually help users discover new applications.

    It would allow the App Store user to see applications of a similar variety to what they're looking for and when they need it instead of having to wait for Apple to post promotional banners in the App Store and instead of having to check the App Store's top applications each day. Improved application discovery is certainly necessary for the App Store being that it continues to only grow in popularity for both users and developers.

    Are you happy to see this change coming to the App Store?

    Sources: Macstories
    2014-03-25 03:47 PM
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    Wish they had that 15min refund window.
    2014-03-25 03:54 PM