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    This recap will go over the best tweaks that we've shown you this week. It's certainly not all of them, but we think these are some of the most notable. These are in no specific order.

    1. Cylinder FREE

    Cylinder is a new free jailbreak tweak that lets you animate your Home Screen application icons as you scroll through your pages. If you're familiar with Barrel, then you already know what Cylinder is about, but what sets Cylinder apart is that it comes with several more animation options, and it's absolutely FREE. You can also combine animations. This is a great tweak for anyone that likes adding fun to their Home Screens. You can read more about Cylinder at this link.

    2. ProWidgets $2.99

    ProWidgets is a new extensible widget platform and framework for iOS. It allows you to open one or more widgets at a time for different purposes. For example, you can have a notes widget and a calendar widget open at the same time, or you can have just a Web browser widget open. They can be minimized or enlarged depending on if you want to use them or not, and there are plenty of shortcuts to the widgets throughout iOS. All of it includes professional aesthetics that we would expect if Apple were to implement a feature like this into their own operating system. You can read more about ProWidgets here.

    3. QuickPass 99

    QuickPass is a new jailbreak tweak that makes toggling your passcode easier than ever before. The tweak will let you simply use a single switch in the Settings application and you won't be prompted to enter your passcode to enable or disable the feature. You can read more about QuickPass at this link.

    4. Volume Mixer 99

    Volume Mixer is a new widget for Notification Center that lets you easily adjust the different volumes of iOS separately. It includes sliders for the ringer, media, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headphones, and even for phone call receivers. This helps ensure that you have all of your volume levels set just where you like them, and the widget is fully customizable depending on the volume features that you actually use. You can read more about Volume Mixer here.

    5. SlickGram FREE

    SlickGram is a cool new jailbreak tweak that hides the tabs at the bottom of the Instagram application as you scroll through the music feed. It helps give you more of a full-screen application experience so that you can see more pictures and comments per page. If you would like to read more about SlickGram, head over to this link.

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    2014-03-31 06:34 AM
  2. njp316's Avatar
    In ProWidgets, do the widgets sit on top of your home screen icons?
    2014-03-31 04:25 PM
  3. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    In ProWidgets, do the widgets sit on top of your home screen icons?
    Only when they're minimized. You can close them.
    2014-03-31 05:28 PM