1. Kaisei's Avatar
    Works on my 5S too.. at least in Desktop view it does.
    I'm using the modmyi app on 5s, but the video doesn't seem to open. Just shows me a blank page. I think the modmyi staff/developers should really fix this. Add a native player into the app or have video links automatically redirected to mobile versions.
    2014-04-04 09:29 PM
  2. xclusiveiphone's Avatar
    I bet Samsung can make it EXACTLY like touch ID. Watch out in the Galaxy S6 ;-)
    If they want to get sued for millions of dollars, go right ahead.

    Samsung is using the same technology IBM have been using for decades. Since Apple patent their method, SamShame can't copy it exactly anymore LOL.
    2014-04-05 04:04 AM
  3. se23's Avatar
    As I sit here in this waiting room I have to find another way of viewing this video but as I'm about to be called I guess I just won't bother watching it as it doesn't work on my i5.
    2014-04-05 06:19 AM
  4. roosterstoker's Avatar
    I really like this video. Great comparisons (real world). This is one of the key questions I was asking after Samsung
    came up with their ID system. Thank you for addressing the issue. If not done already, I would love to see a comparison
    of the actual security (the guts) of the ID storage and ultimately which has a superior security profile. Thanks again, enjoyed
    the video.
    2014-04-05 07:23 AM
  5. GenesisDH's Avatar
    Didn't the galaxy have a fingerprint scanner before? Or am I thinking of a different android phone?
    Motorola's Artix 4G had a fingerprint scanner. It was known to be grossly inaccurate or rarely even worked.
    Member of the hackint0sh forums.
    HowardForums Member: Haas_Dave
    2014-04-05 01:15 PM
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