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    Dutch microlocation startup, LabWerk, has a new mApp platform- a deployment and management system that lets museums easily and quickly release iBeacon-based interactive exhibits. LabWerk anticipates that the mApp-powered companion applications will help push out hyper targeted updates while visitors are looking around the museum. The app would also notify visitors of upcoming lectures while they pass by the auditorium or even show navigation around the museum.

    LabWerk’s mApp promises to make current exhibit enhancements smoother by using automation from iBeacon’s sub-meter precision. LabWerk CEO, Floris Boekel announces:

    We're proud to launch one of the first commercially available iBeacon platforms. There are many great benefits to beacon technology and we see the museum industry as being one of the biggest beneficiaries of this new way to communicate and engage with people.
    The platform allows museums to add different intricacies on gamification elements that already exist, along with Passbook integration allowing rewards and coupons to be given out instantaneously. Additionally, the app is able to be pushed out in multiple languages, to help museums attract a good amount of international visitors.

    Source: Electronista

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-04-09 05:10 AM
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    Finally a use for iBeacons that isn't just peddling more crap to iVictims.
    2014-04-09 03:20 PM