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  1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar

    The iOS 7 folders are quite hideous when you open them. The tiny blurry folder background that appears behind the application icons obstructs your Home Screen wallpaper and doesn't even appear visually pleasing to the eyes.

    You can change this with a new free jailbreak tweak called FullFolder by iOS developer Lizynz. There have been a few full-screen folder jailbreak tweaks that have been released, such as FolderBoard, but FullFolder is one of the few that actually offers some decent customization options to go with it.

    You'll find the additional options in the tweak's preferences pane in the Settings application, shown below:

    Here, you can enable or disable allowing nested folders (folders inside of folders), enable or disable the folder blur that normally occurs between the application icons and the wallpaper, enable or disable the ability to rename folders, and enable or disable dragging application in and out of the folders.

    Notably, FullFolder is only compatible with iPhones and iPod touches, not iPads. If you would like to give it a try, it's available for free in Cydia's BigBoss repository. It does require iOS 7 to be installed.

    Name: FullFolder
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.0-5
    Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.0.6
    Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.6
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Lizynz
    Editor's Rating:  4/5
    2014-04-15 07:36 PM
  2. mr117's Avatar
    Works on my 5S. Thanks.
    2014-04-15 09:32 PM
  3. PokemonDesigner's Avatar
    Small bug but probably just one of my other tweaks, status bar still appears inside of folder.

    EDIT: It was most likely due to folder enhancer 7. I removed that along with a few minor tweaks that really didn't have any effect on folders and it stopped happening.
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    2014-04-16 03:04 AM
  4. sashusmom's Avatar
    I like this. Is it possible to add the ability to have a solid icon picture for the folder instead of showing a bunch of apps in the window of the folder?? Like I would like one picture of say- angry birds, and then put all my games in that folder. When I look for some apps, If I don't have my glasses on I can't read the folder contents, and the pics are too small to see what they are. One big icon would work- like they have for android folders- custom icons for the folders. Is this possible, or has someone done this tweak already? Even custom gallery pics could work. Thanks! Great job Dev!!!
    2014-04-16 05:04 AM
  5. misterjrw's Avatar
    TinyGrid+ uses the first icon in your folder as the main icon for that folder (if that makes sense?)
    Think foldericons without safe mode!!
    2014-04-16 11:19 AM
  6. menard_00's Avatar
    I haven't had any problems with FolderIcon
    2014-04-16 03:32 PM
  7. mr117's Avatar
    Updated to newer version, busted. Top row of icons up above status bar. Oh well, it was free.
    2014-04-18 04:19 AM
  8. HenryLong's Avatar
    May give NoFolderBackgroundRadius a try. Works on iPhones and iPads and cooperates with Springtomize 3 and Iconoclasm.

    NoFolderBackgroundRadius is available from repo and its for free, too.
    2014-04-18 10:54 PM