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    Companies are still continuing on to find new and unique ways to implement Apple’s iBeacon technology. One of the New York City events plan on directing participants to a pub crawl in Lower Manhattan via location-based notifications that will be pushed to their iPhones. The upcoming “BeaconCrawl” is scheduled for May 20th and it is a social event where attendees will travel as a group and bar hop for drinks and conversation. However, the BeaconCrawl event has a twist and will be relying on an Apple app that will include hints and information to the participants.

    The BeaconCrawl app will be offered in the iOS App Store starting May 2nd, and users will get push notifications with special instructions. Secret locations, discount offers, and special drinks will be offered at the event. Users will also be able to accomplish certain tasks at the crawl and win points- these points can be redeemed for cheaper deals at other restaurants and bars. The iOS app will allow the use of sharing pictures and updates as well.

    Transportation service Uber and Lower Manhattan business advocacy Downtown Alliance will be sponsoring the event. Other uses of the iBeacon since it’s release in iOS 7 last year has included interactive feature offers at museums, scavenger hunt at CES, and pushing seat upgrades at live sporting events.

    Source: BeaconCrawl

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    2014-04-29 09:27 PM