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    Snapchat, a time-limited image-sharing app, recently announced a new feature called Chat. The new feature lets users connect to others through live video chat and send text messages to one another. But in order to access the new features, users have to swipe to the right on a friend’s entry in the Snapchat inbox. When both users are using the app at the same time, the app lets them know with an animated button that users can press and hold to begin video chatting.

    The way Snapchat allows their users to switch cameras is an interesting one at that. Users can move their own video preview window from the top to the bottom- which will enable the front camera. Snapchat’s text messaging feature seems to be taking a toll on Facebook, as hundreds of millions of text messages are sent each day through Facebook Messenger and their latest addition, Whatsapp.

    Apple’s iMessage and Facetime is unlikely to be affected as iMessage and FaceTime are designed for longer, ongoing conversations, whereas Snapchat is really for quick, time-limited talks.

    Source: Apple

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-05-02 06:29 AM
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    Why doesn't this work for me?
    2014-05-02 10:13 AM
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    Yes , i have the same problem. Do you need a newer version ?
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    2014-05-02 01:38 PM
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    Why doesn't this work for me?
    Yes , i have the same problem. Do you need a newer version ?
    You will need to update to the newer version. Be aware as it looks very different. Also it is very easy when messaging to accidentally start a video chat.
    2014-05-02 02:29 PM