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    In June of last year, Gameloft teased its upcoming Modern Combat 5: Blackout game for iOS for the first time. It wasn't until the end of last month that we finally heard back from Gameloft about some more details regarding the highly-popular first person shooter series for iOS.

    On Thursday, Gameloft released some additional details about Modern Combat 5: Blackout regarding the gameplay. Players will be very happy to hear that the experience and weapons that they earn in single player mode will reflect upon their multiplayer mode, and vice-versa in the all-new unified progression system:

    Continuing off our first announcement, we are really excited to share that Modern Combat 5: Blackout will feature a unified progression system. This means that both the single player and multiplayer progress will be put together in one cohesive gaming experience. Get experience in a single player mission? Great! You’ll see that reflected in multiplayer the next time you log on to own some noobs. Rack up some serious kills on multiplayer? Even better! You will see the experience gain on your next action-packed single player mission. This means that no matter what mode you are playing in, you will be able to work towards increasing your weapons score, mastering various weapons, and of course unlocking new ones. Oh by the way, all of the weapons you unlock will be usable in BOTH single player and multiplayer. How sick is that?
    In addition to news about the progression system, Gameloft also shared some special details about the new class system. Like many other warfare games out on the market, Modern Combat 5: Blackout now lets you pick between player classes, each which has its own special abilities and weapons that can be used. The four classes include Assault, Heavy, Recon, and Sniper, which Gameloft details below:

    As you level up, you will receive Skill Points and these points can then be used to unlock skills that augment the effectiveness of a class. Each of the four classes are defined by the weapons it can equip and a few class-specific skills that offer bonuses to these weapon types.

    • Assault – An aggressive fighter that is effective at medium range combat. Equips assault rifles and pistols.
    • Heavy – Resilience is its main advantage. Equips shotguns and RPGs. The Heavy feels at home in close to medium range combat.
    • Recon – Focuses on fast action and exposing enemies. Equips SMGs and pistols. The Recon is efficient in close range combat.
    • Sniper – Focuses on sharpshooting with a stealth approach. Equips sniper rifles (obviously) and pistols. Efficient in long distance combat.
    It sounds like all the time that Gameloft has been taking to fine-tune the next major release of Modern Combat was well worth the wait, and we're excited to keep you all updated on the future of Modern Combat as Gameloft releases information.

    You can watch the Modern Combat 5: Blackout teaser video below:

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the video link below:

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    Will you be grabbing this game when it comes out?

    Sources: Gameloft
    2014-05-08 09:42 PM