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    For ages, developers have been able to provide promo codes to people to download paid content from any of Apple's digital content stores for free. The promo codes are easily redeemed from the Redeem link in any of Apple's digital content stores, including iTunes, App Store, and the iBooks Store.

    According to a report from MacRumors, Apple is now reportedly allowing developers to give promo codes for in-app purchases for applications as well.

    With this in mind, even if an application is free, it can have in-app purchases that can allow the user to buy upgrades within the application. This style of application is known as "Freemium," as it's free, but offers premium features at a price. In the case of Real Racing 3, pictured above, the user can input a promo code given to the by the developer for an in-app purchase (in this case, a handful of gold), and the in-app purchase will be credited to that user's App Store account.

    If the user doesn't have the application installed that the promo code is for, the user gets a pop-up saying that the in-app purchase will require the application that the in-app purchase is for and say that it will be downloaded automatically. After that, the in-app purchase will be unlocked in the application that was downloaded.

    While we're unsure of why it took Apple such a long time to implement this feature for developers, it is a step in the right direction. Apple has been under fire due to problems with their In App Purchase system for a while and has been working hard to improve their system to make it more user friendly and less accident-prone.

    Are you happy to see Apple move in this direction?

    Sources: MacRumors
    2014-05-15 10:58 PM