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    China Mobile, the globe's largest phone company in terms of the size of its customer base, likely has much gratitude for Apple's iPhone these days.

    According to the latest news out of Asia, strong iPhone sales are aggressively fueling 4G LTE adoption across China.

    In the short time that Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have been available to China Mobile's 780 million subscribers, half of the 2.8 million 4G LTE subscribers on China Mobile are now iPhone owners.

    Not bad considering China Mobile has only carried Apple's iPhone for a matter of months.

    China Mobile CEO Li indicated this week that Apple's iPhone is quickly emerging as the preferred smartphone for Chinese customers making the switch from older mobile devices to current generation products from leading tech makers.

    As of this writing, China Mobile hasn't revealed how many 3G subscribers are using iPhones.

    Source: iClarified
    2014-05-22 07:49 PM
  2. Bob_Doublelina's Avatar
    China Mobile 3G is NOT compatible with iPhone, there are all on GPRS! Rumour has it that 4G will be a homebrewed affair (proprietary i.e. not comptable) like 3G. I'd love to be proven wrong of the iPhone 6 would still be compatible
    2014-05-24 02:04 AM