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    It was reported yesterday that Apple did not spend much time discussing iOS 8’s Wi-Fi calling capabilities at WWDC on Monday. However, Canadian provider Rogers is also supporting the service and has been quite vocal about the new capability. Just one day after WWDC kicked off with a two-hour keynote presentation, Rogers Wireless told iPhone in Canada that they would be supporting the new Wi-Fi calling feature. According to Rogers,

    We'll support the iOS 8 Wi-Fi calling feature when it becomes available in Canada. In the meantime, Rogers customers using the Rogers One Number service on their computer, tablet or smartphone can already make calls over Wi-Fi. They can video chat with other Rogers One Number users or call any Canadian number for free, no matter where they are.
    From recent memory, Apple’s day-one rollouts for most products have included Canada and were usually lumped in with the U.S. An exception was iTunes Radio- but with lots of upcoming major releases, Canada is expected to be in the launch group. Noted by the publication, Canadians face roaming charges when they come to the U.S. This means with the Wi-Fi calling feature, both customers and wireless operators can benefit from it.

    As of right now, only one U.S. carrier has confirmed the feature, and it was T-Mobile. They issued a statement recently saying they would offer support for Apple’s iOS 8 Wi-Fi calling feature when the operating system launches.

    Source: iPhone in Canada

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    2014-06-04 12:24 AM
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    ATT are you listening!!!
    2014-06-04 02:44 PM
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    HA! The huge conglomerates will be the last to say this. Its free...you know they hate that. Im sure they are trying to figure out how to charge us for this in the near future haha..i man boooo! :]
    2014-06-04 05:04 PM
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    A side note

    This company has also updated their anyplacetv app. IT DOES NOT WORK ON JAILBROKEN DEVICES. This is what I got after I updated.

    Before I updated I checked to c what they were. "minor bug fixes"

    After 30 years maybe try another carrier?

    Anybody explain how and y they do that? Thanks
    2014-06-06 01:26 AM
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    It will be a cold day in hell when AT&T allows this, or free tethering. Thus I'll keep my JB and MYWI app.
    2014-06-06 03:06 AM
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    cool beans
    2014-06-06 04:19 AM
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    No cool beans at all, piece o sh*t Rogers isn't doing it, they lied to get ppl to go with them.
    2015-01-17 11:16 PM