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    On Friday, Gameloft posted a new video to its YouTube channel teasing the next major release of the Modern Combat first person shooter (FPS) series for iOS. Modern Combat 5: Blackout, as it has been named, it set to be released "soon" according to the developers, but no exact date has been mentioned yet. Gameloft has been teasing the game since June of last year.

    Gameloft recently unveiled some details about the gameplay and storyline in April, and it's set to take place in Venice Italy. The game will include an intense campaign mode, as well as online multiplayer mode that players can take advantage of to challenge each others' skills.

    If you'd like to watch Gameloft's latest teaser video, you can watch the YouTube video below:

    It looks as if there will be some interesting in-game situations. Not only will you get to run around with a gun and shoot at stuff, but you'll be able to man large artillery on vehicles to take out other vehicles as well. As usual, Gameloft stuns us with their graphics in the Modern Combat series, which seems to only get more impressive with each release.

    Gameloft does tell us that the game will be available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. We will keep you updated as more information surfaces!

    2014-06-07 02:28 AM
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    If anyone wants some amusement, here's the wonderful YouTube comments for this video. imgur: the simple image sharer

    On a side note, looks like it will be a good game.
    2014-06-07 02:54 AM