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    Sources close to PayPal say the digital and mobile payments powerhouse is, as previously reported, taking a hard and serious look at Touch ID, Apple's fingerprint sensor technology introduced with the current generation flagship iPhone 5s.

    Since Apple decided to open Touch ID to third-party developers, speculation has been hot and heavy that PayPal is poised to be one of the first giants in the field to make a beeline for this opportunity. And according to the latest reports surfacing Monday, that's exactly what's taking place today at the eBay-owned company.

    In the wake of an admission from PayPal's Anuj Nayar that the company sent a team of developers to WWDC where they explored opportunities at a Touch ID workshop last week, we now understand that PayPal has made Touch ID one of its highest priorities. "It seems to be a fairly easy API to use, but we're still kicking the tires," a PayPal source was quoted late last week.

    By the time iOS 8 drops in the fall, PayPal will likely be ready with its "most secure" payment application to date.

    Source: BI
    2014-06-10 01:42 AM