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    Whenever you're in the middle of a phone call, or a FaceTime call, or even a FaceTime Audio call, you will get a bright green "return to" bar at the top of your display whenever you exit the calling application that you're using. It's there so that you will always know you're in the middle of a phone call while you multitask, and if you tap on it, it will return you to the calling application that you're currently talking in.

    A new free jailbreak tweak called ReturnToCalm by iOS developer Elijah Frederickson is now available for free in Cydia that will let you customize the color of that "return to" bar so that it's not such an eye-jarring green color, as shown above.

    ReturnToCalm comes with three pre-defined colors – a light blue, a flatter green, and black. Those three colors are demonstrated above. The flatter green isn't as loud as the neon green that Apple uses by default, and it's much easier on the eyes.

    Apart from these three colors, ReturnToCalm will also let you take advantage of a "Dynamic" color feature, which will basically use the color of the navigation bar of the current application that you're in so that the "return to" bar looks almost like it's a part of the interface you're in. The Status Bar will just be black as usual. You can see how the dynamic color feature looks below:

    The dynamic color feature doesn't look good in every application, so we don't really advise using it. It seems like it's in an early beta stage at best.

    ReturnToCalm adds a preferences pane to the Settings application where you can easily enable or disable the tweak on demand, as well as configure the color that you want to use for the "return to" bar:

    If you'd like to give ReturnToCalm a try, it's available for free right now in Cydia's BigBoss repository. The tweak is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit iOS 7 devices.

    Name: ReturnToCalm
    Price: FREE
    Version: 0.0.1-6
    Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.0.6
    Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.6, iPad Mini with Retina Display running iOS 7.0.6
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Elijah Frederickson
    Editor's Rating:  4/5
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    Sweet little tweak.

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