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    According to IDG News Service, a security breach has been experienced by AT&T and it allows employees who work on the smartphone unlocking services to find call records, personal information and customer Social Security numbers.

    The breach took place between April 9-21, but was only disclosed this week in a filing with California regulators. While AT&T wouldn’t say how many customers were affected, state law requires such disclosures if an incident affects at least 500 customers in California.

    Employees of one of our service providers violated our strict privacy and security guidelines by accessing your account without authorization. AT&T believes the employees accessed your account as part of an effort to request codes from AT&T than are used to unlock AT&T mobile phones in the secondary mobile phone market.
    Services like Chronic Unlocks are part of the second-hand unlocking market that charges to remove software locks on devices, but is still somewhat a grey area. The locks prevent users to use their devices with other carriers. The Library of Congress made a decision to make unlocking a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright earlier this year, but was reversed by the U.S. House of Representatives. However, much criticism was made by industry watchers and from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The bill that was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives only allows unlocking for individuals but not for ‘bulk resale’ purposes. Different policies about unlocking devices vary from carrier to carrier and country to country, but typically, when customers request an unlock many carriers do so.

    Source: IDG News Service

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    2014-06-14 08:26 AM
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    Can't leak what is already known :]
    2014-06-16 05:53 PM
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    they should be more lax on the unlocking of the phones. then maybe they wouldn't get hacked.
    2014-06-16 08:44 PM