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    After finding Complete PPSync Remover, i downloaded, phone rebooted, now i have an update for GNU Privacy Guard. Not sure what this is? I just did a fresh install yesterday to 7.1.1 and jailbroke using Pangue, so i haven't did anything with my device yet.

    After downloading Complete PPSync Remover, device reboot, had an update on Cydia for GNU Privacy Guard, not sure what this ?
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    2014-06-27 05:59 PM
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    PanGu just bricked my iPhone 4(7.1.1) while I was entering the date and the bar went half way across in the pangu app and then my iPhone went blank and never came back on.tried holding the home+ power for 10 seconds but nothing But a bricked paper weight.

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    2014-06-29 12:31 AM
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    Does this still need to be applied if I used Pangu 1.1.0?

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    2014-07-01 09:38 PM
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