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    According to Engadget, Walmat is getting ready to make some significant cuts to Apple’s iPhone tomorrow. And according to a spokesman, a two-year contract iPhone 5s will be available for $99 only. The new price has a discount of $50, down from the original price of $149. The iPhone 5c will only be $29 on a contract, $20 down from the original price of $49.

    The prices of both apply to the 16 GB iPhones, but there has not yet been any word on the 32 GB or 64 GB iPhone devices. However, it has been said that there will be discounts on the bigger memory iPhones as well. The discounts will most likely only be available in-store and not online according to reports. The price of the larger iPod Touch saw a price drop recently, but there’s no word yet on other Apple products.

    Source: Engadget

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    2014-06-27 05:59 AM
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    What's "Walmat"?

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    Silly nazy

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